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The clocks have gone back and the evenings are certainly feeling wintery. Please don’t scream but the Christmas lights around the country will be turned on in a couple of weeks which signals the start of the Christmas shopping season. One of the many things which our team can help people with is shopping. If you feel it would make all the difference to have someone to shop with then we’ve got lots of people who would love to help. And if the thought of getting to the shops is too much to bear, they will be just as happy if you send them shopping with a list. Remember, our hourly rate covers use of the team’s car for local journeys. If you don’t really enjoy being in town it’s just as easy sitting in the comfort of your own home and doing a spot of internet shopping. If you have a computer and internet access but want a bit of help using it to shop, then we have people who would love to come and help you. When the time comes you may have all your present shopping sorted, but would like some help with decorating your home and wrapping presents. We’re very happy to provide one-off help if that’s all you need.

In this more wintery weather we’ve also got  great people on the Home & Company team who can help you keep moving. Leslie is a very experienced meditation and yoga practitioner. If getting out and about just isn’t possible she can practice one-to-one meditation or yoga with you in your home and works at any level to improve movement and wellbeing at your pace. Massage and reflexology are also great for your circulation and general wellbeing. Cara from our team is very experienced and can do gentle chair-based hand and leg massage if lying down on a massage bed is too awkward and uncomfortable, again all in your own home. She can also offer reflexology, a gentle treatment benefitting the whole body by working on the feet.

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