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Happy New Year! Time to make a resolution or two? Nothing too dramatic, maybe just take a minute and turn your mind to a few ideas for things you would really like to do, or jobs that have been niggling you. Whether it’s getting out and about, taking up that hobby again, or getting your affairs in order, it’s a good time to galvanise yourself into action. Keeping active is certainly one of the good intentions on most of our lists. Did you know that Brighton & Hove Health walksWalking offers free guided walks every day of the week, ranging from one mile to four miles?

They even have special interest walks such as art and nature walks. If you think you could manage this and would like to walk in a group why not give them a ring to find out more on 01273 292564. On the other hand if you think you would like to get out for a walk but would be worried about the distance or being able to keep up with a group, we can help. The Home & Company team love accompanying people on walks or trips out, and are very happy taking the dog out for a run too. Remember our people come with their own car, which can be used for local trips.

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