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Here at Home & Company we love a ‘to do’ list, mostly for the satisfaction of ticking things off! January is a great time of year to get straight at home, whether that be sorting those admin jobs that you’ve been putting off, or decluttering the spare room that you never quite get round to. Whichever it is the Home & Company team would be happy to help. Somehow those jobs are so much easier with someone on hand to help.

Most of us will admit to having the odd overflowing drawer that we never get around to clearing. But for some of us the problem just gets worse year on year. If you would like help with tackling clutter that’s built up over time do give us a ring. We’ve got a number of people on our team who really enjoy decluttering and we’ve had success helping lots of clients over the years. Or it might be that you’d like help getting your photos into albums or sorting your bookshelves.

Did you know that the Fire Service offer free home safety visits? They can provide advice and information on keeping you safe in your home, and can check or install smoke alarms where needed. Specialist community safety advisors can discuss kitchen safety, electrical safety, bedtime routines, and what to do in the event of a fire. They are also able to offer advice on smoking issues, medication, hoarding, mobility and other health conditions where these may have an impact in relation to risk of fire. If you would like to find out more or book an appointment please call 0800 177 7069 or look online at Home Safety Visit.

Another common outstanding item on the ‘to do’ list is sorting the dreaded mountain of paperwork with seems to pile up so quickly. We’ve got some great admin enthusiasts on the team so if you would like help with filing, paying bills, form filling, making telephone calls etc please do give us a ring.

Is it time to put your affairs in order? January is a great time to tackle this difficult job, whether it be sorting your finances or putting legal arrangements in place. If you haven’t already then you may want to think about a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) which allows you to appoint a person or people to handle your affairs if the time comes when you can’t make decisions for yourself or at least feel you need the support to do so. It’s really important to document your wishes for the future. We’ve made it our business to find a small number of excellent law firms & specialist financial advisors so do give us a ring if you would like to be put in touch.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, we’d love to help you get it get ticked off.

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