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Getting out to eyesight and hearing tests can be hard so it’s great to know there are options for having these done in the comfort of your own home. It’s so important to keep our eyes and ears in check, and we should be doing so once a year over the age of 60. Both vision and hearing loss can increase our risk of falling. The health of our eyes can be an important indicator for other conditions too, for example it might show early signs of diabetes or heart disease. If glaucoma runs in the family it’s particularly important to be seen regularly. Hearing loss can affect the balance centre in the inner ear, making falls more likely. And of course hearing loss can lead to social withdrawal and feeling less confident. Care Opticians are a well-established, Sussex-based Optician & Audiologist company specialising in FREE eye tests, spectacles and hearing screenings from budget to designer which are delivered personally to your home. They also provide a free aftercare service with repairs and adjustments handled within 48 hours. Over 60’s or those receiving benefits are eligible for a FREE NHS eye test. Care Opticians can provide FREE NHS glasses for those who receive Pension Credit or Income Support. For more information or to book a home visit do give them a call on 01273 220588.

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