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Maintaining a garden is hard work, it requires a lot of tools and energy to make it look perfect, not to mention plant knowledge. But it does bring so many benefits. We can express ourselves through our gardens and get really creative, making it the perfect spot to relax in. The benefits of gardening are well-documented and being in the outdoors is great for our mental health. But what if it is too much to keep up with?
How can our gardening team can help?
If you want to keep your garden looking as beautiful as possible but are finding it difficult to do so on your own, Home & Company can help! Stop worrying about garden upkeep because our gardeners can help you on a regular or ad hoc basis with your garden maintenance and planting. They can even remove all your garden waste and dispose of it responsibly, so you don’t end up with bits and bobs cluttering up your garden!
Should I continue gardening?
Even if you are not as physically involved as you used to be you can still talk through how you want your garden to look and get involved! We love working together as a team with you. Gardening can still be enjoyable even when you aren’t as hands on anymore. Having a nice clean place to sit and relax outside of the house will help to relieve any stress you may be feeling. Taking in some fresh air and listening to the birds is so relaxing.We are committed to making things easier for you.
Why Home & Company is perfect for you
Our gardeners come with lots of experience and knowledge, and are lovely to have around. They are all capable and reliable as well as extremely caring and understanding. Everyone is police checked too.
Have a look at our other services that will keep your home in tip top condition, we don’t just offer gardening maintenance, but also foot care, window cleaning and so much more to make your life easier!
We also provide other services for people that need extra help and support. See our full list of services to see how we can help. We offer support with housework, getting out and about, or some companionship and much more.

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