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What strange times we find ourselves in!  However, we have had several glorious blue-sky days and look set to have plenty more, providing a much needed boost to spirits. For some we know you have neighbours and family who can deliver shopping to you, and we know some of you are already tech-savvy and have been well ahead of the curve by organising online deliveries from supermarkets. The Home & Company team are defined as Keyworkers so we are still busy helping our regular clients, and are very happy to provide ad hoc support during these tricky times if you need help in the home or with food shopping.

While we’re home-based it might be a good time to rekindle an old hobby, or find a new one. Try to do a bit of exersize each day in your home, and make sure you keep eating well. Read books, or listen to books and plays on the radio. Dig out some of your old music and sing along! If you able to access the internet there is a lot you can do.  If you like crosswords or sudoku you can search up your newspaper of choice and print off their puzzles, or do them on your computer or tablet.  If you are missing some of the groups you would normally take part in there is most likely an alternative on line. If you like singing then try Gareth Malone’s national online choir. You can play chess online, and scrabble and bridge too! And there are several online exercise classes if that takes your fancy?  Above all try not to let the news get to you, we’re all in danger of getting news overload!

Those of you that know us know that we love a chat. If you are feeling a bit more isolated than usual please do just pick up the phone for a natter, we’d love to hear from you. You know where we are if you need us. In the meantime keep safe and well.


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