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Hurrah! Our window cleaning team are back working! Has this sunshine been showing up your windows? The Home & Company window cleaning duo, David and Gary, do a great job. They are happy to come for one-off cleaning, or you can book in for a regular slot so that you don’t have to think about it again. They can also give your paths and patios a great spruce with their jet washer. Give us a ring if you’d like to book them in. Our building and handyman colleagues are also back at work. They are very experienced and can undertake building repairs, small handy man jobs, plumbing and decorating. We also have an electrician and a security expert on the team. If you’ve being compiling a list of things that need attention over the lockdown do give us a ring and we’ll help you get them ticked off. We will visit initially to assess the work and provide you with advice and an estimate.

If you’ve decided you want to stay in your current home it might be worth thinking about making some adjustments to future proof your property for you in the years to come. Some quite small aids and adaptations could make your home much easier to live in. Simple things like long-handled shoehorns and grabbers can make dressing much quicker. Raisers can make beds and chairs much easier to get in and out of. Kettle tippers can be the difference between making a cup of tea and not bothering. Grab rails are great for getting in and out of the front door. Other adaptations might be more grand-scale, like having a ramp installed or re-siting a shower and toilet downstairs. Age UK has a great website with information on adapting your home https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/care/housing-options/adapting-home/and    it’s worth popping into your local mobility centre as they stock a range of equipment and are usually a good source of advice too. Our team are also happy to give advice so give us a ring on 01273 434190 if you think we can help.


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