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May is host to “mental health awareness week” in the UK.  Interestingly we felt we were much better at consciously looking after our mental wellbeing during the Covid lockdown, and seem to have forgotten about it now that the usual pace of life has kicked back in. So let’s give a bit of thought to looking after our mental wellbeing; this month we’re highlighting some great activities for supporting good mental health.

Do you find it tricky to get out into nature, either because of transportation, motivation, no one to go with, or nervousness? Our friends at Grow are running a series of Reconnect with Nature courses over May, July and August. The sessions are for 3 hours for four weeks and held in small groups. They are led by a guide and transport is provided. All are welcome. Grow offer a number of different days and courses all aimed at improving our mental well-being by spending some time in the natural world. For more information on the Reconnect and other courses contact Jo at info@growwellbeing.org.uk or phone 07557 501557.

If you haven’t already been to The Garden House in Brighton you really must give it a go. Lovely Brigit and Deborah who run it describe The Garden House as a place of energy and inspiration, and we certainly concur! They run a range of volunteer projects including a dementia gardening club, plant and craft courses, and great trips to inspiring gardens elsewhere. See here for more info www.gardenhousebrighton.co.uk

If your circumstances mean you have to be home-based there are still lots of things you can do to support your mental health. Mind (the mental health charity) have some useful wellbeing tips. They suggest following these five key principles: Connect regularly with people even if it’s only a quick phone call to a friend or family member, or a wave and shouting ‘hello’ across the road to a neighbour! Stay physically active even if that just means a short walk round the garden or a few chair exercises. Take notice and enjoy your environment whether that means listening to the birds or trying your hand at meditation. Keep learning – if you have access to the internet the world is your oyster! But even at home you’ve probably got an interesting book on a subject you always meant to read up on, or a project you never quite got started on. Give – by being or doing something thoughtful for someone – all the evidence shows that doing so will enhance our own health and wellbeing so it’s win-win!

Do you wish you were more digitally savvy? It can feel very isolating not being able to access the digital world, and so many areas of life, including booking and managing medical appointments, now seem to require an on-line approach. Citizens Online exists to support everyone to access the online world. For more information phone 0808 196 5883 or email digitalbh@citizensonline.org.uk.

We realise that for some people groups and meetings are a step to far. If you would prefer some one-to-one support or companionship in your home our team would love to help. Do give us a ring 0n 01273 434190.

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