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Love them or loathe them we need to look after our feet, and with the advent of Spring there’s no ignoring them! Feet can be a real indicator for our general health. Common problems like corns, cracked skin and ingrown toenails can be treated successfully. Conditions like diabetes or circulatory problems can all be picked up by looking at the feet. If you have a long-term condition, such as diabetes, arthritis or chronic problems with blood circulation in your legs, your feet are particularly vulnerable. And problems with your feet can affect your balance and put you at a higher risk of falls.

Here are the NHS top tips for healthy feet:
• Wash and dry your feet daily (but don’t soak them) & apply a moisturiser
• Gently remove hard skin with a pumice stone or file regularly
• Always trim your toenails straight across
• Shop for new shoes in the afternoon – our feet swell as the day goes on. Badly fitting shoes are one of the biggest causes of foot problems
• Wear comfortable shoes (but don’t wear slippers all day)
• Change your socks daily
• Avoid bare feet in public areas such as swimming pools

For more information on how best to look after your feet visit NHS Looking after your feet. For the over 60’s the NHS recommend being seen by a foot professional every 6 months for a foot ‘MOT’. For regular toenail cutting it’s usual to have an appointment approximately every 6 weeks. If you don’t already have someone you see regularly then our Home & Company foot care practitioners would love to come and see you in your home. And they are happy to cut finger nails too. Do give us a call if you would like more information.Home & Company. Some Age UK branches offer nail-cutting services too, so you might want to contact your local office.

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