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Much progress has been made in recent years on making public spaces more dementia friendly and it’s great to see venues and retail spaces taking dementia into account. The Dementia Friends Action Alliances that we work with are really proactive about working with local businesses and Councils to help them consider how their spaces could be more dementia friendly. Things like dementia-friendly signage and training for staff can make a real difference. But when it comes to our own homes it feels like there hasn’t been much information or guidance about what might be useful. There are some really useful catalogues with dementia-friendly products, such us Unforgettable https://issuu.com/unforgettable.org/docs/aw2017_unforgettable_catalogue which are definitely worth browsing through. And we’ve recently been made aware of the Making Homes Dementia Friendly grant, available through Brighton & Hove City Council. It’s part of the disabled facilities grant housing policy and can include repairs and adaptations to your home. Good lighting and safe flooring are really important if you’re living with someone with dementia. Really simple bathrooms are important too, as are safe outside spaces. You can apply for grants up to £5000 without being means tested. For more information do contact the Housing Adaptations Service at Brighton and Hove Council on 01273 290000.

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