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Some say music is medicine, and in fact there is a growing body of research to back up this claim. Neuroscientists have documented many physical improvements that can be attributed to music including balance, movement and motor control, but they are also able to prove that music engages almost every region of the brain.  So in addition to being a hugely pleasurable activity, listening to music can help improve a wide variety of conditions. We recently attended the AGM of Friends of Brighton & Hove Hospitals and it was really interesting to hear the hospital chaplain explain that although they are clearly there as a religious contact point, in fact they find themselves doing very practical things for people, and music features heavily. It seems a large number of patients are asking for music of all sorts. The chaplaincy has built up a library of CDs and CD players and are busy distributing them all over the hospital. We’ve recently come into contact with Music for Memories. It’s a great project offering headsets with your own pre-chosen playlist on. The team set you up at home with your own personalised playlist and brilliant headphones which are really easy to use and have no wires.  And it’s also free of charge. If you would like to know more or sign up for a headset please contact Rachel and her team on 07592 439570. We also have some fabulous singers and musicians on the Home & Company team if you would like to rekindle your musical side in the comfort of your own home? Or to join a local singing or music group why not check what’s available through the Ageing Well programme by calling 01273 322947.

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