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On the whole we’ve been grateful to get back to some sort of normality over the latter part of the year haven’t we, although it is all feeling rather uncertain again and here we are hurtling towards Christmas once more! If you feel it would make all the difference to have someone to shop with then we’ve got lots of people who would love to help. And if you’d rather not venture out to crowded shops at the moment they will be just as happy if you send them shopping with a list. Or maybe you’d like help doing a bigger food shop than you normally do? Remember, our hourly rate covers use of a car for local journeys which makes things even easier. If you don’t really enjoy being in town it’s just as easy sitting in the comfort of your own home and doing a spot of internet shopping. If you have a computer and internet access but want a bit of help using it to shop, then we have people who would love to come and help you. You may have all your present shopping sorted, but would like some help with decorating your home and wrapping presents? We’re very happy to provide one-off help if that’s all you need. We’ve got some fabulous cooks on the team and love catering for special occasions. If you would like to invite friends or family round for a meal but feel you need help then do call us. Or if you would like help to make some of your favourite festive treats we’d love to cook with you.

Would you like to have your hair done before Christmas? It’s a busy time of year for our lovely mobile hairdressing team but if you’re quick we’ll do our best to get you booked in. The same goes for our beauty team, if you’d like to get your nails done or treat yourself to a facial before the festive season begins do give us a ring https://www.homeandcompany.co.uk/contact/.

There is plenty going on locally for those who feel comfortable to jump back in. Our friends at the Hop 50 based at Palmeira Square, Hove, have reopened the café, although for smaller numbers. Do give them a ring if you’d like to book in for lunch, or to take part in one of the many exersize and wellbeing classes on 01273 729603. The centre is open Monday-Friday, with Fridays being dedicated as a day for people living with the early stages of dementia. If getting out to classes isn’t possible our Home & Company physio or yoga team can come and do gentle exercise with you in your home to suit your level of mobility. We all need lovely things to look forward to in the New Year and we’ve found a few ideas for you: The new season of The Posh Club runs in Hove on Thursdays from 27 January-31 March. If you fancy cabaret-style fun and music then you’ve love it. Do phone the team on 07848 827806 to book your place. For the singers amongst you lovely Debbie Skeen runs a fabulous wellbeing choir in Lewes on Wednesdays from 12-1pm. For more details do call The Unity Centre on 01273 778400.

If you think we can be helpful in any way please do not hesitate to pick up the phone. We might not have the answer but we are always happy to talk and will help by signposting you on to the right place. It’s been another year of ups and downs, but we’ve loved working with you on such a variety of requests: cooking, laundry and general help around the house, gardening, hair and beauty, keeping feet looking fabulous, battening the hatches from emergency plumbing to interior overhauls, accompanying people to appointments, lovely trips to cafes and getting out and about. We look forward to many more adventures with you in 2022.
In the meantime we wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas.
Loretta and Julie

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