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Home help is still at the heart of what we offer here at Home & Company.

But over the nine years we’ve been going, we have adapted and developed to meet the needs of all our clients and offer peace of mind for their families.

Home Care in Brighton and Beyond

We began very much with the view that we wanted to find top quality people to work on our team with us, people with some life experience, that could cook, that are great communicators, can drive, in essence a team of completely brilliant people. Please meet the team here! (internal link)

That remains as true today as it did when we started, and we feel it’s what makes Home & Company stand out. We also wanted to expand our offering from the usual home care model and think more broadly about all the things that could help keep people living well and independently at home, so we brought on board a range of specialists to offer a one-stop shop ranging from:
● gardening,
● plumbing & building
● foot care
● hairdressing & beauty.
Again, this remains an important part of what makes Home & Company different.

Locations of our Home Care Services
Our patch has expanded over the years. Although our base is Brighton & Hove, we now have lovely team members in Lewes, Worthing, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and as far as Seaford.

We also offer companionship to people living in care homes, helping people to get out and about, or bringing in shopping and treats if getting out isn’t possible. And most importantly having a cuppa and a chat.

Live-in Care Flexible Arrangements
To most people staying in their own home, as they get older, is really important. Over the years we’ve grown with our clients as their needs have increased. We are really pleased to have developed a team of experienced live-in carers who can meet those needs within their own home.

It’s worth remembering that live-in care doesn’t need to be permanent. It can be a great way to provide intensive support in the short-term following illness or an operation.

Care management – the Perfect Wrap-Around Service
Where friends and family are far away it can also be really difficult to manage the day-to-day things we all need to keep life ticking along, like organising hearing and eye tests, other health appointments, and working with the range of agencies who might be involved in someone’s care and wellbeing.

Home & Company can provide a wrap-around service to coordinate and communicate all the various pieces of information to keep things on track.

Care Consultancy
Inevitably nothing stays the same forever, and sometimes families need help and advice with deciding what’s next; whether that means bringing in more care at home, adapting the home, or looking at a more supported living environment.

We also work with a wide range of professionals who can provide specialist advice including financial and legal advice. We’ve made it our business to get to know a range of great people who can help with moving on.

Get in touch
As always, we’re happy to chat through anything and signpost on if we can’t be of help. Do give us a ring on 01273 434190 or if you prefer to email us, all our details are right here Contact
Loretta & Julie

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