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Getting out for fresh air and a walk can make all the difference to our wellbeing and doing that with the help of a companion might provide just the confidence you need.

If you want help to go shopping or further afield you will need your helper to have a car. If you are paying a helper to take you out and about in their car do check that they have suitable insurance. And you need to check that their vehicle is comfortable and safe for you to get in and out of.

case study – trips out as a way of maintaining wellbeing


Mrs R’s family called us when their mum was recovering from a nasty fall. Although she had family living nearby, they all had work commitments during the week and were struggling to be on hand when needed. Mrs R had been recently widowed prior to her fall so was already feeling that loss. On top of which she felt she wasn’t strong enough to resume driving once she’d recovered and reluctantly said goodbye to her car. Mrs R loved two things: going shopping; and chatting! We arranged for help on Mondays and Fridays to include a trip to Waitrose followed by a coffee, and a trip to the local shops on the other day, also followed by a coffee. Mrs R got to know her two regular helpers really well and the trips became the highlight of her week, a fact that she and her family reminded us of often. The ability to get out and about, feel part of the community and maintain her independence provided an essential boost to Mrs R’s sense of wellbeing.

In addition to trips out for shopping and leisure there are also the inevitable journeys needed to get to medical appointments. Whilst many are happy to use hospital or community transport it can feel like you’ve done a marathon by the time you’ve waited your turn and gone around the houses. And it is so lovely to have someone to help you gather your things on the way out and settle you back at home with a cuppa once you return.

Did you know that if you are unable to use your bus pass because of mobility problems many councils offer taxi vouchers instead. For example in Brighton and Hove if you are willing to forgo your bus pass you can have £70 worth of taxi vouchers each year. Do check with your local council.

If we can help you with getting out and about do give us a ring. Our helpers come with their own car and our hourly rate includes local trips.

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